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Word class: wordmark, neuter
Frequency: ascending


Word separation: Trieb | worx


Machine, device, supplying the necessary drive

Synonyms to Triebworx

Jet engine turbine, (colloquial) Engine


Emphasis: Triebworx


The wordmark Triebworx is a further development of hybrid designation “Triebwork”. This label arose after the 2nd World War, when the US Army has discovered the newly developed German jet engines. These engines were technologically so far advanced that they surpassed all known propulsions. The US soldiers had problems pronouncing “Triebwerk”, because there was no corresponding word in the English language. In the plural jet engines were colloquially called “Triebwerke” in german and “Triebwork” in english. Inspired by that we developed the brand “Triebworx”.


Fire speaks to the primal instincts of humanity for safety and reliability. It “drives” the combustion chamber of the engine and makes for the desired propulsion and steady progress.

Triebworx GmbH & Co. KG

We’re “driven” (An-Trieb in german) by the idea to create highly technical measuring instruments, such as contour and roughness measuring devices that simply work (worx) and thus are available not only at a designated measurement room but also directly at a production workshop. We offer our customers our years of know-how in this field + we offer cutting edge technology that sets new standards and solves a lot of problems in the industrial production and surface metrology.